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Behind the video


CLIENT : Opodo

REQUEST : Promotional video production

START: 2017 April
Three weeks in
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When you are filming a promotional video in the largest metropolitan area of the world, you need to plan meticulously. But when your client says he wants a "flash forward" of Tokyo - the full package in a little over a minute - your planning needs to go from meticulous to seriously insane. To make matters more interesting, we had to weave the frenzy of urban Tokyo through its tranquil spiritual side.

Food & Video

More Moritsuke, please!

The Japanese have a word for the art of beautiful food arrangement. Moritsuke. So when they are so dedicated to ensuring that their food is as beautiful as it is delectable, we were bound to spend a lot of time filming (along with eating!) food. In fact, we built our promotional video filming schedule around food and we couldn't have been prouder of this decision. You may even call it a "delicious" idea!

TOKYO / Stormtrooper traveling by metro
Co Founder _ Director
WOW Tapes wayfarer hero
It's a-me, Mario!
“A whole building just for video games? No? A whole neighbourhood? This must be paradise!”
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TOKYO / Fascinating night view

Video experience

Arigatou for the love!

How would you describe the quintessential Japanese kindness? We would call it extreme. The politeness of the people, their ingenuity, their love and their incomparable work ethic made us feel like horrible human beings in comparison. And given how little English the Japanese and the Italians speak, languages barriers weren't surprising. But the locals' patience and willingness to help was truly heart-warming.