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Behind the video


CLIENT : WOW Tapes Production
LOCATION : Thailand

REQUEST : Travel video production

START: 2017 August
Two months in
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We have been to Thailand twice between 2015 and 2016. And our challenges have been the same on both occasions: getting out of the rut of touristy places, flocked by people from across the world. As a video production agency, we had to do something different to stand out! The solution was simple. We let go of the Thai staples of "beach, sunset and party" and got legitimately lost in the suburbs of Bangkok, avoiding all main tourist attractions and getting in touch with locals

Smiling, behind at the camera

The Land of Smiles (and curry!)

Thailand's rise to power as the winter travel capital essentially means endless travel content about it. Be it videos, blogs, pictures, everyone has something to say about Thailand. So,when we landed in Bangkok in the scorching,summer heat, we didn't know where to start looking for hidden gems. But when in doubt, turn to the locals. All our small (and big too, honestly) misadventures and beautiful encounters showed us why Thailand is called the "land of smiles".

BANGKOK / Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Co Founder & Director
Simone Menin
WOW Tapes wayfarer hero
Chok dee, Thailand
“Like it or not, Thailand will own a part of you, or maybe even all of you"
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GULF OF THAILAND / National Park islands view

Video experience

Harmony in their hearts, curry in their mouths!

Everywhere we go, we have always make friends with locals. Thailand was no different. The people of Thailand opened their hearts to us with a kind of love we hadn't seen before. And they seem to have some sort of balance in their souls. Maybe that's why their food is so good? But here in Thailand, we made friends with locals from a different species! We ended up sharing our lunches - albeit reluctantly and rather forcefully - with hoards of monkeys countless times!