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Behind the video


CLIENT : WOW Tapes Production
LOCATION : Philippines

REQUEST : Travel video production

START: 2016 November
Two months in
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This country is basically a beautiful embodiment of challenges: transportation is so tricky that we could no longer keep track of the number of boats and buses that we took. And since we had decided to explore the country beyond its usual tourist hotspots, we ended up in some of the longest and most rugged journeys of our lives. But the greatest challenge was actually filming during this travel video production! The country is so beautiful, it's hard not to give everything up and slip into the Philippine lifestyle of chill and love.


Ready, set, film!

We travelled through the entire country in almost 2 months and never stayed put in one place for more than 72 hours. It was also our very first official filming expedition. We just got up one day and flew to the Philippines with our personal cameras and very few accessories. Little did we know that it would be the start of something so exciting!

BOHOL ISLAND / Sunny Day Landscaping
Co Founder & Director
Giuseppe Lombardi
WOW Tapes wayfarer hero
Hospitality 101
“The Filipinos are the most welcoming people we have ever come across. We aren't so hospitable even with our own selves.”
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Video experience

The Sparkle of Resilience

We spent endless nights partying with Filipino youngsters in Metro Manila and Cebu and we also spent warm evenings and had hearty meals with rural families in North Luzon. Pristine beaches, typhoons, villages without electricity... we may have truly seen it all in the Philippines. But no matter how many times we go back, the tropical warmth or the country and its people make us leave with a heavy heart every single time.