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Behind the video


CLIENT : Spirit of Kenya

REQUEST : Commercial video production

START: July 2018
2 weeks
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We always try to tell the most colourful stories through our videos: stories of people, brands and most importantly, stories of places. But there we were in Kenya with a new story to tell with the wild animals in the immense grassland. And just when we had sketched out a plot in our minds, Kenya added new wonders for us with the astonishing intensity of the night sky and the moon, the blue brilliance of the beaches and the sheer unassuming nature of its people.


The waiting game

What we should have realised sooner was that having a schedule was going to be tough. See the thing is, animals don't really care about the fact that some strangely advanced two-legged mammals and waiting for them to wake up! You may have spent the last three hours in a safari jeep bumping through the rockiest roads in the world but the hippos will move only when they want. This left us in limbo and we had to keep coming back till we got what we needed.

Co Founder & Director
Giuseppe Lombardi
WOW Tapes wayfarer hero
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Video experience

Hakuna Matata!

Wow Tapes has taken us across the globe but very experiences have been as culturally exhilarating as this one. We were accepted with broad smiles and open arms into a wonderul campfire evening with one of the many tribal groups in Masai Mara. Sitting under the moonlight, we heard tribal legends and felt the human-aspet of the animal-dominated savannah.