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Behind the video


CLIENT : WOW Tapes production

REQUEST : Travel video production

START: Summer 2016
Two years in
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This video is almost a self-portrait: product of the blood, sweat and tears (of joy!) of 4 thoroughly and truly Italian shutterbugs on an overwhelming journey into the heart of their country's beauty. The idea was very simple. We wanted to hop into our camper and take off to create a representation of how we see our beloved Italia with all her unparalleled beauty gravitating around food (lots of it!) and a beautiful mess of people. But we could never have imagined how difficult the execution of this idea was going to be. Over 5000kms through Italy is less than 2 months made us fall in love all over again.


Home is where the rain isn't

This video was truly a dream project for many years. But now that it's done, we see why we waited so long. There was too much beauty, too muchlove, too much heart and very simply put, it was too hard to process. Deciding on a route and at least a loose itinerary was unimaginably complex. But we finally left with a list of 500 magnificent spots to visit and film. We travelled hundreds of kilometers everyday under the most perfect weather only to be stunned by what we saw every single time. Humans are not programmed to deal with this. We need an upgrade!

Co Founder & Director
WOW Tapes wayfarer hero
Eat, film, eat, eat, eat, repeat!
“Narrowing on the spots to film was tough, of course. But narrowing down on the trattorias to eat dinner? Well that was the real challenge”
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From Italy with love... and Peroni!

On all our other travels, we have always gone out of our way and comfort zones to get to know the locals, to hear their stories. It was different this time. Being Italian ourselves, the stories and the chats over beer came around more easily. But this inherent familiarity only made things more interesting because everyone we met was never short of local legends or restaurant recommendations to share with us. Searching and finding the unknown in the oh-so-familiar was very rewarding and we already know that we are nowhere close to having explored it all.