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Behind the video


CLIENT : WOW Tapes Production
LOCATION : Indonesia

REQUEST : Video storytelling production

START: 2016 March
One months in
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This was our first time in South-East Asia so it wasn't surprising that our challenges were rather culinary! Life without pizza and pasta for the first time really is a great challenge! We had very little equipment but our adventures were epic during this video storytelling production. This was also our first time of filming without a client which meant there were no rules. We could make (and break!) them ourselves. We did whatever we wanted and the cultural and geographic diversity of the country compelled us to experiment a lot in terms of techniques


Unexpected Magic!

Indonesia had the perfect blend of all the ingredients required for a success recipe - beautiful architecture, serene beaches, adventure, religious harmony... the country doesn't lack a thing. We lacked the equipment, though. Being our first ever trip, we were just nomad backpackers with a knack for filming. We hadn't even conceived the idea of WT. We just wanted to travel and capture all the beauty in our cameras.

BALI / Balinese stone sculpture art
Co Founder _ Director
Fabio Reitano
WOW Tapes wayfarer hero
Dead Man Walking
“Indonesia: that place on Earth where Zombies aren't a legend. Dead men really walk here.”
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PADAR ISLAND / Drone filming

Video experience

Cultural assault

Every day in Indonesia was like waking up in a new country. There are countless different religions living in relative harmony, each with its own set of customs and habits. The presence of a strong tribal culture makes its social fabric all the more interesting. We got to witness insane traditions like the Tana Toraja which was an experience of a lifetime.