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CLIENT : Enel Green Power
LOCATION : Italy, Spain

REQUEST : Commercial video production

START: 2017 December
4 months in
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If we had to describe this project in two words, we would call it "grand and gratifying." Enel Green Power, a world leader in renewable energy, wanted us to tell their brand story through our wow images. Adapting our niche visuals and transitions to a brand of global repute entailed extensive pre and post production that spanned over months. It was one of our grandest productions so far and collaborating with a brand that works for a more sustainable planet also made it equally gratifying.

A worldwide energy

Powering the soul

Wading through knee-deep snow in the Dolomites during the peak of winter with all our super-gadgets may not have been the easiest thing we have done. But it was definitely the most memorable. In stark contrast, this project also took us to the desert in Sardegna and we realised all over again how incredibly diverse the world is. It's safe to say that this project renewed our zeal and passion. Because well, everything is renewed, isn't it?

Co Founder & Director
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"Can I take a windmill home please? Thanks."
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Video experience

Green is the new black

Shifting gears from hyper-nerd to suave corporate was let's say an interesting phase. Despite being a completely new setting for us, we met a lot of interesting people in ENEL. Some of them helped us climb onto windmills, crawl into tunnels hundreds of metres in the Earth and explore their energy plants like awestruck children.