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Behind the video


CLIENT : Soundreef

REQUEST : Marketing video production

START: 2017 September
Three weeks in
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What resonated with us is Soundreef's own objective of changing the status quo. We love change! They strive to change the music business and we were thrilled to represent it through this marketing video production. We had to adapt the style of our quirky, fast-paced travel videos to non-travel related content which was an invigorating challenge that pushed our creative boundries.


Chasing change

From huge concert halls to small corner record shops, this project took us to places that our previous travel videos hadn't. Filming live events was a wonderful experience because we had to make do with very light gear. But we could use our full gear on sets which helped us experiment and express ourselves with a lot of liberty. In the end though, it is the adventure of filming live performances that will stay with us.

FEDEZ / Soundreef exhibition
Co Founder & Director
Giuseppe Lombardi
WOW Tapes wayfarer hero
Toy guitar? Yes please!
“As a musician myself, I can't wait to play toys instead of instruments soon. What an incredibly cool idea!”
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INDIPENDENT ARTIST / Playing & Smiling

Video experience

The Beat of the People

We met artists from both the mainstream and the underground Italian music scene. Artists from across genres - electro music, rock and roll, pop, rap - came together to collaborate on this project. One band was also playing toys! Not real instruments, toys! All the artists were so different from each but their passion from music was just the same. It was so very inspiring for us.