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Behind the video


CLIENT : Cebu Pacific & TravelBook.ph
LOCATION : Camsur & Biri Island

REQUEST : Tourism video production

START: 2017 January
Two weeks in
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Camsur is slowly and steadily turning into an established tourist destination but Biri Islands is not. We had to shoulder this responsibility of making Biri Islands big in the tourism scene of the Philippines and launching it as the beautiful location that it is thanks to a tourism video production. The remoteness of the island caused a lot of technical difficulties, but nothing was more difficult that filming for a 3-minute video in just a couple of days. We broke our backs and Biri Island broke our heart when we left.


The Philippine Love Affair

Going back to the Philippines has always brought us immense joy. Travelbook flew us to the nearest airport but from there, it was an unforgettable series of adventures and encounters. The bounty beaches of Camarines sur are every bit the paradise that you would imagine them to be. It was like being stuck in a postcard. But Biri Island was different. Its beauty was untouched, unspoiled. Just reaching the locations there was an adventure. But we can't wait to be back.

PHILIPPINES / A cuddly tarsier
Co Founder & Director
Simone Menin
WOW Tapes wayfarer hero
Waterproof existence
“Being a travel videographer sounds glamourous, I agree. But it's the exact opposite when you need to wade through waist-deep water with all your precious equipment on your back.”
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PHILIPPINES / Purple landscape at sunset

Video experience

Chaperones from our dreams

In a project like this when we had to literally unearth the secrets of Biri, a highly efficient crew was a must. The local crew was incredibly informative and knew how to the get the job done. What's better is that we ended up becoming best friends with them. Their passion and determination to make their land famous was contagious. We ended up falling in love with Biri ourselves.